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A one-stop-shop for all your Contact Center requirements without the need for third party software.


Experience Live Metrics Via Dynamic Dashboards And Receive A Variety Of Pre-Built Historical Reports Directly In Your Inbox.​

Xcobean's Analytics empowers administrators with real-time and historical data for informed decision-making in Contact Centers. Utilize comprehensive dashboards and pre-built reports for key metrics, all conveniently delivered to your inbox.

High Quality

Quality Management

100% of call recordings and transcripts with evaluation forms, as well as live monitoring of calls and agents’ screens for coaching.

Quality Management offers you recordings and transcripts of 100% of your representatives’ interactions with you customers, on all channels. You can build Evaluations Forms to help you assess the quality of the service and grade the agent accordingly.

In addition, supervisors can do live monitoring by spying on calls in progress, whispering to the agent in order to offer assistance, or barging-in on the call. Live monitoring of calls and remotely viewing agents’ screen make training and coaching far more efficient.

Powerful Enterprise Features

Our Contact Center solution has all the features you need to run your operations smartly and efficiently.

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